Siria, la solidarietà del movimento comunista mondiale

To the communist and workers’ parties -Dear comrades, the USA, NATO and the EU, in these days with the pretext of the accusation regarding the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, are preparing to launch a military attack against Syria and its people.

The US-NATO bases are in a state of readiness, the warships are ready to launch murderous missiles, military forces are ready to intervene. 

The necessity for the intervention of the Communist Parties is IMMEDIATE and URGENT. Everything is demonstrating that the attack could begin at any moment and in order to avoid delays we propose that we agree on a short text with commonly accepted positions so that it can be disseminated rapidly. 

We ask the CPs to state their participation by 12.00 PM (CET) on Thursday 29 August 2013 and to take part to the initiative taken by our parties.

The text we ask you to co-sign promptly is the following: 


We, the communist and workers’ parties, express our solidarity with the Syrian people and denounce the military attack against Syria which is being prepared by the imperialists of the USA, NATO and the EU together with their allies in order to promote their interests in the region. 

We reject the pretexts of the imperialists which, as was demonstrated, were also used in the war against Iraq and in the other imperialist wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya. 

We call on the working class, the peoples all over the world to oppose and condemn the new imperialist war, to demand that the governments of their countries have no involvement in and do not support the criminal military offensive. 

Communist Party of Greece 
Syrian Communist Party 
Communist Party of Turkey

(con l’adesione del Pdci)