Weapons and war. Editorial

by Marco Pondrelli

If a week ago we wrote that the world was dancing on the edge of the abyss, today we can only acknowledge that the warmongering wing of the Western coalition is increasingly stronger. Two facts characterize the week we leave behind.

First of all, Meloni Government’s has taken steps to find money to send more weapons to Ukraine, like the last Japanese in the jungle we continue to fight, even if our masters overseas have blocked the aid. In the United States it is not easy, in an election year, to explain to electorate that one continues to finance an unpopular war when internal problems are chronic, in Italy however the Meloni Government has no hesitation in telling us that we must die for Kiev, with the Minister Crosetto is ready to present the eighth and ninth refinancing. The abstention of the Democratic Party, which presented its own motion in which it did not deviate from military support for Ukraine, does not lead to optimism; the abstention is reduced to a pathetic attempt to intercept part of the pacifist vote. We have no illusions about a Party that is in every way censoring unwelcome initiatives in the territories, i.e. those not crushed by Atlanticist propaganda. These actions by some local administrators of the Democratic Party had little relevance in the media (the few who spoke about them only gave space to Ukrainian-Piddin ravings), we hope that such a shame will produce a harsh response from sincere democrats.

The other news of the week was the Western bombing against the Houthis which in fact was a bombing against Yemen. When Paolini shot the short film ‘Le mure di Sana’ in 1971 he would never have imagined that 50 years later the West would be endangering this splendid city. Blocking the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb means blocking the Suez Canal, if this happens it is not due to a whim of the Houthis but to put pressure on and stop the massacres in Gaza. The West, however, thought that the most convenient path was other. The United States and the United Kingdom together with the usual ‘willing’ bombers convinced that this was the only way to save world trade. It is strange that when civilians in Gaza need to be saved, we limit ourselves to press releases, while when economic interests are affected we immediately resort to weapons. The only result that this action will produce will be to make the regional situation even more heated, Blinken’s tourism in favor of photographers is not aimed at convincing the Israeli government but the democratic voters who in November are unlikely to support Biden (or any other candidate ), the reality is that to solve the Middle Eastern problem we need to solve the problem of the Palestinian state.

After the attack, Russia asked for UN Security Council to be convened, it would be the only right thing to do at this moment, although some people might not agree, we reiterate that Russia and China are the two barriers against an explosion of conflict on a global scale. The risk is that war becomes consubstantial with the new world (dis)order, handing over to the next generations an unstable and increasingly less democratic world. The solution to this conflict will not come from the United States or the West but only from the Global South, it is essential that this action is accompanied by a large mobilization in our cities that demonstrates that our governments do not represent us.

The fact that South Africa brought Israel to the International Criminal Court is important, even if we have no illusions about the final results, because it demonstrates once again that there is no overlap between world public opinion and the Italian press, we have seen images, promptly censored, that leave no doubt that what Israel is fighting in Gaza is not a war but a real genocide, honor to South Africa and the states that support it for this courageous battle.

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