The Massacre Continues. Editorial

by Marco Pondrelli

While italy debate about gunslingers deputies and tries to know why a person that ridiculize the american right wing defending the use of firearms ended up in the parliament, the world continues to dance on the edge of the cliff. The thing that is raging upon the palestinians in gaza (or what is left of it) remember the worst pages of history, we’ve publicly distanced ourselves from the italian president’s speech unable to condemn the state of israel for the genocide that’s accomplishing.

At the massacre of an entire population has been added the Kerman massacre that follows the murder of Saleh Al-Arouri and Razi Mousavi. The Kerman massacre has been accomplished on general Soleimani’s tomb (for whose murder in addition to Trump and Salvini, the Isis rejoiced) at the anniversary of his death. If an attack that big would have happened in Israel we would have had lines of politicians and journalistcriyng and ready to support any reaction from Netanyahu’s governement, and beacause it’s Iran the news is barely more important than the vicissitudes of the Ferragni’s family.

The attack has been revenged by the Isis, and so the question we have to reply is why the Isis would organize such an attack. In Italy where these things are still viewed with a mix of superficiality and ideological fervor putting in the same caouldron Isis, Hamas and Iran, we’ll be authorized to ask why the Isis has done an attack against his own “allies”. Obvoiusly neither a politician or a journalist will ever think about this question and it’s useless waiting about a serious analysis of what’s happening and what will happen in that part of the world.

Vali Nasr was the first to speak about the sciite crescent alluding about the more tighter relation between Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Today Iran and shiite’s role (a definition to be always interpreted in a political meaning and not a religious one) it’s objectively anti-imperialist, and it’s the recent history the tell us why. The war in syria was laying on the saudis’ moneys, on turkish logistic (before another twist from Erdogan) and on the labour of the terrorists of the Isis, all reported particulary by Julian Assange, under the US direction with the then paladin of the left fuchsia wing Hillary Clinton.

The role of the Isis was well hinged in that war against the sciite, the Isis has never attacked Israel, they always and only attacked the most advanced part of the muslim front, strong with the US-Israeli support (widly documented). The fact that this terrorist organization reappears today is a significant fact that there’re still countries or part of them that have the intention to extend the conflict to hit Iran. Some italian journalist probably don’t know the severity of the words that they write or say when they invoke a war against Iran. A conflict like that would not be confined at a regional level but to erupt in a global scale , this is the real problem, not like the antisemitism. The antisemitism ( produced by the “supreme” western culture) it’s a trheat to fight with all the forces but it’s paradoxically more stronger in europe than in the middle east, where the jews are not attacked because they’re semites (like the arabs) but because they are the occupants.

Premise that Iran, as well as Russia or at China or at anybody who can be directed some critics, we have to notice that even if today the conflict isn’t erupted it’s only because of the sense of responsability demonstrated by Teheran that’s not falling to the provocations of the warlords. Iran is trying to stabilize the region, the deal mediated by China with Saudi-Arabia is a important piece in this strategy. Underlining that both of the countries are ready to enter the Brics, this can help the distension among them. In many scenarios Iran and Saudi-Arabia are on two different fronts: from Syria, to Lebanon, to arrive to Yemen, a total deal could lead to a cool down of all these fronts in addition to a stabilization of the area in prespective this could help the palestinian cause. What is happening in the strait of Bab El-Mandeb with the Hunti that continues to hit the ships on their way to Israel is significant. The role of the Hunti in Yemen is surely facilitated by the cool down of the internal Yemeni front and it’s evident that the Saudis cannot attack who is fighting against Israel.

What is happening in this tortured region of the world is only a act of a conflict that is slowly consuming. The global clash lives and thrives on the lack of the international law and we can exit with this situation in two ways: A global war where woudn’t be excluded the use of nuclear bombs or a global deal that would draw the new borders of the new global order. If we look at the misery of politics today in Italy we please ourselves about the fact that our country has a insignificant role, the others are the actors that can lead the world towards peace, and they aren’t in the west.

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