World Socialism Studies

WorldSocialismStudies 1 2016 copertinaA new magazine published in China opens a new window on the World Socialism

Andrea Catone, director of the MarxVentuno magazine


We start here the publication – in English and in Italian languages – of the abstracts of the review “World Socialism Studies”, the new magazine directed by Li Shenming, edited by the World Socialism Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). For several years, the World Socialism Research Center organized major international conferences, with the participation of hundreds of scholars and researchers from all over the world, on very important issues such as “The current situation and the development trend of world socialism and leftist thoughts” (2013); “Socialism Globalization, the Inevitable Outcome of Mankind” (in 2014, the year of 20th anniversary of the establishment of the World Socialism Research Center); “Colour Revolutions and Cultural Hegemony” (2015); “Marxism in the 21st Century” (2016).

The spectrum of publications and initiatives of CASS institutes dedicated to Marxism and Socialism is thus enriched. The readers of “MarxVentuno” magazine and the visitors of the site known the World Socialism Research Center (about whose initiatives we have published reports and some interventions in previous issues of our magazine), and the activity of Chinese Academy of Marxism (in “Marx in China” book we have published some essays of his researchers; a new book is being published in Italian and in English with other writings). With the Chinese Academy of Marxism, we’ve organized in Rom three interesting forums on Chinese socialism (the contributions and papers of one in 2015 are published in the special issue of “MarxVentuno” under the title “The Chinese Way”).

The “World Socialism Studies” magazine, in continuity with the World Socialism Research Center’s activity, intends – as comrade Wang Liquiang told us – to promote cooperation with magazines and Study centers in the world, in prospect of a tight critique of capitalism and imperialism in all their aspects in order of common advance towards socialism.

MarxVentuno” magazine, along with the site, feels and intends to be an active part of this world-wide collective work, to which Chinese Communists and Marxists are making an increasingly important contribution in recent years.

The first issue of “World Socialism Studies” came out in the fall of 2016. Three more were followed. We will present them to our readers in the coming days, opening another window to world socialism.