As of 1st July a new director of Greeting from the outgoing director

of Mauro Gemma (former director of

After more than ten years of almost daily commitment as director, since 2008 of, and since 2011 of, since July 1, while determined to continue to work with undiminished passion at the work of a site to which I dedicated an important part of my long political militancy, the time has come for me to hand over to a new direction.

The responsibility for the political management of the site will be assumed by comrade Marco Pondrelli, that the readers who follow with assiduity our site and are involved in its work of elaboration and documentation, already know for the political and cultural preparation and its active and competent contribution to our portal. I am sure that the new management of the site will be able to ensure the continuity of its presence in the network and to strengthen the quality of its journalistic offer.

I would like to thank many of my fellow editors who have contributed with their reflections, with their numerous reports and with a patient work of translation, to enrich with contributions of great interest and significance, which in all these years would have been difficult to find in the social networks of our country. A comrade among all in particular, Francesco Dragonetti, is to be thanked for his daily and patient collaboration with the director, responding to all the technical needs that have often occurred and to overcome the difficulties that, on some occasions, have risked slowing down the presence of the site on the web: without his expertise our web page could hardly have worked with sufficient effectiveness.

We should not forget the valuable contribution that came from the reflections of numerous Marxist intellectuals, political leaders and communist militants (wherever they are located on the organizational level) and activists of the peace movement and anti-imperialist of our country. In particular, I want to thank Comrade Domenico Losurdo, President of the MarxXXI Political and Cultural Association, for the many valuable works and reports that have enriched our web page with the contribution of one of the most prestigious and esteemed figures of Marxist culture worldwide.

Warm thanks go to the many comrades and comrades of the communist parties and of the worldwide anti-imperialist peace movement (starting with those of the World Peace Council) who have given encouragement to our work, with their appreciation for our commitment to provide as much information as possible on the initiatives underway in the world to prevent the dangers of global war looming over our planet, under the responsibility of imperialism, starting with that of the United States at the helm of NATO’s aggressive alliance. The significance of our intense work of documentation on the initiatives and the elaboration of the various sectors of the international communist and workers’ movement, and our commitment to increase, within the limits of our modest forces, the unity of action of all the forces that in Italy and the world are fighting for peace, against imperialism, for social justice and socialism, has not escaped these companions either.

I would like to assure my Italian comrades and those from all over the world who have appreciated the guidelines of our commitment to dialogue and the unity of all the Communist and anti-imperialist forces, that they will not be absolutely disregarded even with the new political direction of the portal.

Finally, let me thank all the sites (in Italy and in other countries of the world) that have considered it appropriate to resume and enhance our contributions. In particular, I extend a warm greeting to the comrades and friends of l’Antidiplomatico and its editorial director Alessandro Bianchi, for the great attention always paid to the initiative of and for the collaboration that has been established between our web publications, which I hope will continue in the future.

It is clear that our web page, which lives only because of the completely voluntary commitment of its editors and contributors, will continue its existence relying solely on the generous material contribution of its readers, through subscriptions that have not been missing so far, but that must not stop: absolutely must not be cultivated easy optimism about the chances of keeping the site and I am convinced that this my appeal will not be ignored. New subscriptions could also allow us a restyling of the page, making it even more valuable and usable.

In assuring the new direction of the site my passionate collaboration also for the future, I am sure that our loyal readers will continue to pay the attention and trust that they have shown us for so long and that will be able to acquire even more authority in the panorama of Communist newspapers on the network.

Best wishes, comrade Pondrelli!