La solidarietà del PdCI ai comunisti greci

La solidarietà del PdCI ai comunisti greci

PdCI solidarity to comrade Kotzaridis and to the Greek people



Rome, 21th October, 2011


The Party of the Italian Communist (PdCI) express its sincerest solidarity to the Greek people for the huge rally organized against austerity policies. In particular PdCI express solidarity to the Kke and Pame’s rally, assaulted by agents provocateur that caused the death of comrade Dimitris Kotzaridis and the injured of several demonstrators.


In showing one’s sincerest solidarity with the family and the comrades of Dimitris Kotzaridis, the Party of the Italian Communist would like to underline that it is important that the peoples of Greece, nevertheless the peoples of Europe, rise up and goes on in the protest and mass struggle, isolating the agents provocateur, whose real target is to divide the popular movement and makes the state repression easier.


In Italy we knows very well this strategy: in our history, in topical period characterized by political crisis, social struggle and popular huge movements, every time the demonstrations were infiltrated by provocateurs, fascist, …, with the target to get out of hands the situations. Recently, during the huge 15th October rally in Rome, the so-called “black block” group penetrate in the demonstration and has brought about several disorders and has thumbed demonstrations, without policy interventions.


The Party of the Italian Communist expressing its solidarity to the Greek people, Kke, Kne and Pame militants, underlines the importance to build in Europe a strong movement to reject Eu, Imf anti-popular measures, rejecting agents provocateur actions and all repressive mechanism.


On behalf of the CC of Party of the Italian Communist

International Affairs Department