WFDY, Solidarity with Struggles in Egypt

The Egyptian youth and the Egyptian people have risen up on Sunday April 6 for their economic rights. The biggest and most crucial appraisal was in the city of Mahala Kobra, the biggest industrial city in Egypt that changed into a battlefield leading to several dead and wounded people and hundreds of detainees.

The effect of the strike on Sunday was very clear since the early morning because the majority of the stores and transports stopped from work. The central security forces succeeded in forcing the workers in the textile work factories to resume work and threatened them by brute force. But after the work time, the workers went out in massive demonstrations in the streets of the city, where the security forces brutally tried to prevent them from demonstrating and used all kinds of tear gases, fake bullets and hitting against them. Finally, when they failed to prevent it, they used real bullets and killed 4 people of the demonstrators. More than 350 people were detained in this city alone.

Today, April 7, the demonstrations broke up again, and a new battlefield emerged. The smoke raised in the city due to fires in cars and stores.

The government isolated the city from all other parts of Egypt and also cut the electricity to prevent any means of communication. Journalists and media were prevented from going into the city.

We, the Union of Progressive Youth in Egypt, members of WFDY, ask our comrades in the youth organizations and unions around the world to express their solidarity with the struggles of the Egyptian people and youth against a dictatorship brutally treating its people with the complete support of USA imperialism.

We ask you to demonstrate in front of the Egyptian embassies in your countries or at least to send a petition every embassy objecting those brutal practices of the Egyptian government killing and detaining the peaceful people.

We also ask you to send us copies of your activities and statements in order to publish here.

Our email:

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Union of Progressive Youth

Egypt, April 7, 2008